Who Is Responsible for Roof Repairs at a Condo?

When it comes to roof repair responsibilities, it’s important to know that there’s a difference between townhome and condo ownership. Here’s what you need to know about the matter.

What is a townhouse?

The definition of a townhouse or townhome is a single-family dwelling that shares one or more walls with other living units (meaning other townhomes). They are most commonly set in rows, with all homes being uniform and two stories or taller. The people who live in these individual townhomes own the structure’s exterior and interior walls, roof and lawn, as well as have their own home and property insurance. In nearly all cases, maintenance costs for townhomes are determined by the community’s homeowners association.

What is a condo?

A condominium is a single large building or a cluster of buildings with separate units that are owned by individual people. Condos vary in size and style, ranging from high-rises to smaller multi-unit structures, and often share walls with other units. Condo residents own and maintain the interior of their space, but they do not own the property the condo is on. That said, the exterior of the building, lawn and shared spaces are maintained by the homeowners association. It’s typical for shared insurance to be factored into the dues paid to the HOA, but residents are also responsible for carrying individual homeowners insurance.

Townhouse owner responsibilities

There are responsibilities associated with owning a townhouse or condo. For starters, the owner is responsible for the exterior maintenance or the home and land around it. The shared space in townhome communities are usually smaller than shared condo spaces, meaning the costs associated with the HOA are significantly lower for townhome owners.

Before buying a unit, find out the terms in the HOA regarding townhome roof repair in Gilbert, AZ. Association rules may allow for general maintenance and upkeep of the roof, in which case roof replacement may be included in the budget. However, if the HOA is responsible for roof replacement but doesn’t budget correctly, you’re liable to get a large bill when it comes time to replace it. The upside is that you get control over the quality of materials and work.

Condominium owner responsibilities

Condo units are parts of a larger complex of homes. Condo owners (the entire complex) must follow specific HOA rules, which are determined when the association is formed and are regulated by homeowners. Keep in mind that condo owners pay a monthly HOA fee, and some of those funds go toward covering certain maintenance expenses. These rules do a lot for condo communities—they outline the ways in which residents can change their property in an effort to protect the resale value and aesthetics of the community. Because the HOA of a condo community has control over the exterior of the buildings and individual owners are responsible for the interiors, it’s the HOA’s responsibility to repair or replace roofs.

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