The Benefits of Shingle Roofing

  • Shingle roofing is the most cost effective roofing option for many homeowners, with styles and materials varying across the board.
  • Because of their cascading format, tile roofs effectively repel and source rainwater away from a home, minimizing weather damage and leaking.
  • Asphalt shingles require very little maintenance over their lifetime, retaining their composure through constant weathering and exposure.
  • The low density of shingles makes them perfect for easing the burden on roofs. Comparatively, a roof comprised of asphalt shingles will be under less strain than one comprised of tile, for example.
  • Shingles can be replaced individually, absolving homeowners of expensive costs associated with roofing repairs.

Five Guys Shingle Roofing Services

  • New Roofs: With shingle options in a variety of colors and materials, Five Guys Roofing is equipped to help you create the roof that you’ve been dreaming of. We’ve installed hundreds of shingled roofs in the past and our quality is unmatched. Your shingles will be inspected for quality, properly layered and perfectly secured to your home.
  • Existing Roofs: If you’re missing shingles or have developed a problem area on your shingle roof, Five Guys Roofing can help. Let one of our experienced contractors restore your shingles to prime condition and secure your home against unwanted water damage or just an unsightly appearance.
  • Maintenance: Thanks to the resilience of shingles, maintenance necessities are low for shingled roofs—however if you have an issue that needs to be inspected or maintained, don’t hesitate to enlist our help!