Remodel – Additions in Gilbert, AZ

remodel and additions roofing in Gilbert AZWhether you’re a general contractor with a client looking to improve their home’s curb appeal, or you have a client who wants to add more space inside their home, you know that one of the first priorities needs to be the roofline. The incorrect type of roof on a roof remodel looks terrible, and we’ve all seen those home additions that stick out like a sore thumb because of an ugly shed roof.

At Five Guys Roofing, we’re more than just a roofing repair and replacement service. We’re full-service roofing contractors who also work with architects, engineers, and other contractors. That means we can help you with your clients’ roof remodeling and roof additions projects. We’ll make sure your roof remodel or roof addition is done the right way and blends into the lines of your client’s existing home. Whether you convinced them to raise their roof, add a second story, or build an addition onto the first floor, we can ensure you the expert roofers here at Five Guys Roofing will make you forget what your old roof looked like.

When you contact us to help you with your client’s roof remodel, or roof addition, we’ll give your or your client as much guidance as they need during the entire process including:

  • Roof design: You might have a design for your client’s new roof already, but is it the best type of roof for their home? And depending on their budget, is it a design they can afford. We’ll be honest with you and give you an upfront estimate of what the design your client’s architect or designer recommended will likely cost so you can help them make an informed decision.
  • Your client’s budget: You know what the maximum budget is for your client’s new roof or addition, but is it enough to give them the roof they want? We can help you guide them through the realities of exactly how much they need to budget for major roof changes, including roof additions. We even have financing options available to help them get the roof of their dreams quicker than if they had to save up for their new roof first.
  • Roof materials: We have over 25 years of experience in the roofing industry here in Gilbert, AZ and beyond. We understand which types of materials work best here in Southern Arizona, as well as the kinds of roofing materials that will best complement any home as well as fit any budget.

Whether your client wants part of their roof line changed, a completely different type of roof or they’re adding a new addition to their home, let Five Guys Roofing be your roofing contractor of choice for all your projects.

Contact us at (480)-892-5311, to set up an appointment for an estimate today.