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Navigating Hailstorm Havoc on Arizona’s Commercial Flat Roofs

In the colder months of Arizona, hailstorms can bring unexpected challenges to commercial flat roofs. At Five Guys Roofing, our aim is to assist building owners and property managers in navigating the complexities of hail damage during this season. We focus on providing insights into effective damage recognition, repair strategies, and preventive measures to ensure your commercial properties are well-protected against winter weather conditions.


While Arizona is typically known for its warmer climate, winter can still bring hailstorms that are capable of damaging commercial flat roofs. These roofs, with their unique structure and materials, can be particularly susceptible to hail damage. The flat surface makes them more prone to direct hits, which can cause more immediate and noticeable damage compared to sloped roofs.
It’s important to understand that some signs of hail damage on flat roofs might be subtle and not immediately apparent. Delayed detection can lead to more significant issues, such as membrane breaches, insulation damage, and internal water leaks.


Key Signs of Hail Damage on Commercial Flat Roofs
1- Surface Dents and Cracks: Visible dents or cracks on the surface can be a direct result of hail impact.
2- Blistering or Splitting Membrane: Hail can cause blistering or splitting in the roofing membrane, leading to potential leaks.
3- Water Pooling: Increased water pooling after a hailstorm can indicate underlying damage that needs attention.
4- Internal Signs of Damage: Always check the interior of your building for water stains or leaks, which could be a result of hail damage on the roof.


Repairing Hail Damage on Commercial Flat Roofs
1- Detailed Roof Inspection: Our team conducts a thorough inspection to assess the extent of the damage and plans the best course of action.
2- Insurance Claims Assistance: We can guide you through the insurance claim process, helping ensure you receive the coverage you’re entitled to.
3- Tailored Repair Solutions: Depending on the damage, we’ll recommend and carry out the necessary repairs or replacements, using materials best suited for your specific roof.
4- Preventative Measures: After repairs, we suggest exploring options such as hail-resistant materials and regular maintenance schedules to mitigate future damage.


Dealing with hail damage on commercial flat roofs requires a proactive approach, especially during Arizona’s colder months. Timely identification and professional repairs are key to preserving your property’s value and functionality.
For expert roofing services and advice in Arizona, contact Five Guys Roofing at 480-892-5311. We are dedicated to helping you keep your commercial properties in top condition, regardless of the weather.


What makes commercial flat roofs vulnerable to winter hail?
Their flat surface and specific material composition can make them more susceptible to direct hail impacts.


Are there specific materials that are more resistant to hail damage?
Yes, certain materials are designed to be more resilient against hail, and we can advise you on the best options for your property.


How can regular maintenance prevent hail damage?
Regular maintenance can identify and address minor issues before they become major problems, especially after hailstorms.


Is it necessary to inspect roofs immediately after a hailstorm?
Yes, immediate inspection can help catch any damage early, preventing further deterioration.


How quickly should repairs be made after identifying hail damage?
Prompt repairs are essential to prevent further damage, especially considering the potential for leaks and structural issues. It’s advisable to address hail damage as soon as it’s identified.


Photo Credit by customer Randy Winsor.


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