The Benefits of Foam Roofing

  • Foam roofing offers superior insulation possibilities for homes, allowing homeowners to save on cooling costs year-round.
  • Foam roofing is considered one of the most cost-effective roofing solutions for high-temperature regions like Arizona.
    Spray foam can also be coated with a reflective layer that reduces solar heat gain and prevents temperature-controlled air from escaping through a home’s roof.
  • Spray foam roofing is weather resistant and can stand up against heavy rain, high wind and a constant bombardment of ultraviolet rays.
  • The lightweight, yet highly resilient layers of foam applied to roofs act to improve roof deck wind uplift resistance, making spray foam roofing solutions a growing trend across the United States.
  • Because spray foam roofs don’t rely on layered shingles or jointed materials they are extremely water resistant. Homeowners with foam roofing typically suffer tremendously less water damage originating from their roofs, as opposed to those who currently enjoy traditional shingled roofs.


Five Guys Foam Roofing Services

  • New Roofs: As an accredited member of the American Spray Foam Society, Five Guys Roofing is equipped with the knowledge and resources to provide full foam roof installations, as well as necessary repairs to existing roofs.
  • Existing Roofs: We offer re-coating services to repair the layers of a foam roof, including reflective solar layers that may become damaged over time.
  • Maintenance: Our maintenance of foam roofs spans a wide variety of service options, including patchwork repairs, assessment of current materials and reconstituting layers compromised due to weathering.