DIY Detection for Roof Rats

An animal infestation of any kind usually spells trouble for most homes, but when these pests are specifically attacking your roof, dangerous and costly challenges are sure to follow. Perhaps not as well-known as some of the other common household pests, roof rats have the potential to leave behind a substantial amount of roof rat damage in Gilbert, AZ. Here are a few DIY detection tips that can help you spot some of the clues of a growing roof rat infestation, as well as some pointers to help you eliminate the pests as soon as possible.

Signs of infestation

Although roof rats are nocturnal, there will be visible indicators of their presence during the day. Start by looking for their droppings, which will be about a half-inch in size, and pointed in shape. As they forage for food, they will also leave noticeable gnaw marks and scratches behind, particularly in the areas around the roof and eaves. Roof rats are very good climbers, so on the rare occasions when you are able to spot them, you might see them climbing tree limbs, electrical wires or the side of your house.

Roof rat damage

Roof rats in Gilbert, AZ breed year-round and can have up to eight babies per litter, so if you do notice any signs of infestation in your home, it will be critical that you take action right away. The same wires and pipes that roof rats use to find their way into your home can be chewed up along the way, leading to leaks and dangerous electricity issues that could be costly to repair. Once they make their way into your home, roof rats can also wreak havoc in your attic, trampling and nullifying the effectiveness of your insulation, and causing deterioration to wood beams and joists.

DIY trapping

In order to prevent further roof rat damage, you will need to get them out of your home as quickly as possible. To do so, you can utilize any number of trapping mechanisms, such as bait, snap, electronic or glue traps. Like any other pests, roof rats are looking for reliable sources of food and water, so eliminating these resources, particularly in your attic, will also help to keep them out of your roof.

If you weren’t able to stifle an infestation before major roof damage occurred, there is no need to worry. For three decades, the experienced team at Five Guys Roofing has helped homeowners rectify roofing damage from pests with top-notch repairs, and we are committed to restoring the condition of your roof no matter how much damage roof rats or other pests may have caused. If it turns out that your roofing is beyond repair, we can also work with you to determine the best replacement plan to move forward. To learn about the options that are available to you after an infestation that leads to roof rat damage in Gilbert, AZ, make sure you give us a call to schedule your consultation right away.

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