Commercial Roofing in Gilbert, AZ

Five Guys Construction is the company to call for all your commercial roofing needs. Our team of highly trained estimators, inspectors and technicians always provide permanent solutions to temporary problems. Our experience and attention to detail will give you the peace of mind you deserve with any commercial roofing issue. Whether you are in need of a small repair, roof cleaning, or a complete roof installation or restoration, Five Guys Construction are the experts to call.

foam roof

Foam Roofing:

SPF polyurethane foam roofing has become a popular option for commercial, flat roofed buildings because it offers a cost-effective way to enhance the resilience of the entire building. Our professionals are equipped to not only install this cutting-edge material, but also to inspect and repair existing foam roofs that may have weathered over the years. Thanks to our accreditation through the American Spray Foam Society, Five Guys Construction is optimized to handle foam roofing applications in Arizona in virtually any capacity.

tile roof

Tile Roofing:

With the lowest life cycle of any roofing option, tile roofing in Arizona is in high demand and Five Guys Construction is equipped to bring it to your building. A roofing professional at Five Guys Construction will easily detail all of the sustainable and environmental benefits of tile roofing to you and our proven record of installation experience will ensure that your new roofing solution is installed perfectly. And, if a tile ever becomes loose or damaged, we’ll repair it for you with ease in no time at all!


Shingle Roofing:

Shingle roofing has been a staple across the nation for the better part of two centuries and in that time it has come a long way. Five Guys has been installing shingle roofs in Arizona for the past 25 years. With hundreds of roofs under our belt, we are the experts at determining repair vs replacement. Our trained estimators will help you determine the best decision and always provide the best possible options. For each specific shingle roof system, with many options available, it is important for us to make sure you understand each repair technician and installer is trained in installation methods, practices and warranties.

low sloped roof

Low sloped roofing:

Five Guys Construction is well versed in the installation of brand new flat roof solutions and can properly lay the foundation for your superior roof system. Thanks to our expertise in modified roofing solutions, we’re able to proficiently seal these roofs during installation to ensure complete protection for a home against rain and other water damage. If your existing flat roof is exhibiting signs of leakage or is in need of proper repairs, our attentive team will help you to locate the source of the leakage and offer comprehensive repair solutions to keep the water out. Maintaining a flat roof takes a depth of knowledge and expertise that Five Guys Construction is prepared to offer you at all times. We’re happy to re-seal and replace worn areas as needed, giving you peace of mind that your investment will continue to weather the elements.

patio deck

Patio/walk decks:

Five Guys Construction has had many years of experienced trainings on how to repair and replace patio’s and walk decks.  Decks and patios can last for decades to come as long as you are doing the proper patience and repairs to them.  We here at 5 Guys Construction know the value a patio and walk deck can be to your home and we want you to call us to help you with either a repair or replacement option.

Emergency Services:

For emergency services and Estimates call 480-892-5311. For these services we handle, roof tarping and covering, leak detection, emergency repairs, insurance claims and 24 hour roof technicians.


Five Guys Construction takes pride in our ability to stand behind and warranty the work we complete. There are many warranty options available, based on the work needing to be done and the roof system or repair being done. Call us today to discuss the details and options available to you!