Warning Signs That Your Roof Needs to Be Inspected

Your home’s roof is what stands between your family and the elements. Therefore, it is important that you stay on top of your general roofing maintenance and make sure you take action when you notice signs that it could be deteriorating. Here are a few examples of warning signs of a bad roof in Gilbert,… View Article

What Toll Does Rain Have on Roofs?

Does rain damage roofs? When putting a new roof on your home or focusing on roof maintenance, you must consider the long-term exposure your roof will face to rains. Heavy rainfall can be quite harsh on roofs, and even an extremely sturdy, well-built home can have the occasional weak spot in its roof. Over time,… View Article

OSHA Offers $10.3 Million in Grants to Promote Roof Safety

When your roof begins to show minor signs of wear and tear, it can be tempting for the self-sufficient Arizona homeowner to skip the call to a roofing company in Gilbert, AZ. That temptation can be extra strong when you’re talking about a roof that’s just a single story off the ground. If you’re an… View Article

The Benefits of Using Concrete Roofing Tile

Most homeowners in Arizona don’t spend a lot of time worrying about the state of their home until it’s time to pick up the phone and call their trusted roofing contractors in Gilbert, AZ. If that time has come, if your roof is leaking or you’ve lost too many shingles to count, then it’s time… View Article

The Best Commercial Roofing Options in Gilbert, AZ

Since it’s responsible for protecting customers and employees, products, equipment and the building itself, there is a lot riding on which commercial roofing option in Gilbert, AZ you select for your business. Certain types of roofing may be better for your building than others, however, making it vital that you be well informed about some… View Article

DIY Detection for Roof Rats

An animal infestation of any kind usually spells trouble for most homes, but when these pests are specifically attacking your roof, dangerous and costly challenges are sure to follow. Perhaps not as well-known as some of the other common household pests, roof rats have the potential to leave behind a substantial amount of roof rat… View Article

Potential Roofing Problems: Acrylic vs. Silicone Roof Coatings

Is your roof reaching the end of its lifespan? Homeowners who live underneath a wilting roof may feel like a costly roof replacement is their only alternative. Not so! If you haven’t considered a roof coating, you may be missing out. Roof coatings are a thin, reflective substance that can be applied to the entirety… View Article

Will Phoenix Have a Dry Monsoon Season in 2019?

The votes are in. Monsoon 2019 in Gilbert, AZ and the greater Phoenix area ranks as the sixth-driest monsoon since the statistic was first recorded all the way back in 1896 (and it may not be over yet). Less than three-tenths of an inch of rain has fallen so far during this monsoon, a lack… View Article

Who Is Responsible for Roof Repairs at a Condo?

When it comes to roof repair responsibilities, it’s important to know that there’s a difference between townhome and condo ownership. Here’s what you need to know about the matter. What is a townhouse? The definition of a townhouse or townhome is a single-family dwelling that shares one or more walls with other living units (meaning… View Article

Five Tips for Minimizing Monsoon Roof Damage in Gilbert, AZ

You have not experienced a monsoon until you’ve hunkered down during a particularly unnerving Phoenix monsoon. Of course, it’s important to be prepared for any storm, but monsoons can drop a ton of rain, kick up strong winds and cast thunder and lightning, all of which can pose a threat to you and your property.… View Article
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